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If you have a new business project, then you are probably eager to get your team ready and start implementing it. What if we told you that you could hire a full development team including a project manager, a designer, 3 developers, 1 software tester and yourself, from scratch in less than 3 days? If you are not experienced, then you can do that in no more than two weeks, but we’re here to explain the exact steps you need to take to do it in just 3 days.

  1. Define What You Need

Do you ever wonder whether you are paying too much or too little for the development of your online platform? How should you assess the financial value of your developer’s work? This topic is one that all entrepreneurs running online businesses will absolutely love! Read along as we tell you exactly how you can measure your developer’s productivity.

Do Not Measure Outputs: The Old Way of Doing Things

We cannot stress this enough, and by outputs, we mean those that are not very helpful:

Some developers will blackmail you, simply because they have access to your systems, know exactly when you start making money, and want to take advantage of the situation. Suddenly, what used to take five hours to complete now takes several days, their hourly rate increases, and they start charging you for any slight changes they do. If that sounds familiar, we’re here to give you specific steps that will help you handle the situation once and for all.

  1. Increase Your Trust in Your Current Developers

Most of us hire developers randomly without a proper evaluation system in place. This system helps us assess developers based on what they are delivering and place our trust accordingly. Following our intuition is indeed very important, but not enough. Therefore, we reveal today 5 signs you can use to recognize whether your development partner can be trusted to successfully deliver or not.

  1. Do they communicate or simply talk?

Most clients understand that developers might encounter unexpected problems or circumstances beyond their control which might affect the time needed to deliver. However, a client needs to be notified when this…

“The more clients and profits I make, the more expensive my development gets!” This business owner reached out to us worried his business would crash. He runs a software as a service platform, has a web-based backend, and mobile applications on various platforms such as Android, IOS, and Windows to share with his clients. He sells this solution as a white-label solution to his B2B clients who, in turn, deliver it to their own clients.

His problem turned out that every time he got a new client, his developers would copy and paste the whole code base, put it on…

How to Fine Tune Your Business Website

To Handle Fast Growth

We previously discussed how to create the perfect MVP and choose a suitable platform for your website. Today, we explain how you can optimize and fine tune your business website to handle fast growth. No entrepreneur wants their website or mobile app to fail customers. Therefore, there are 3 things you should address to optimize performance:

  1. Choose the Right Server

Examples of a shared hosting are Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator, that usually cost $10/month. A shared hosting is…

Are you looking for a software platform that can scale with you? If you are a businessperson, you might be wondering why not leave this choice to a developer? It’s because developers only want to use the software they are familiar with, regardless of whether it is suitable for your business. Keep in mind they’re developers and not strategic thinkers who can help you build a platform that fulfils your business goals.

Today we’re discussing how to build your platform, what programming language to choose and which technology stack. There are many options out there, so we want to explain…

We previously addressed how you can scale your product for maximum growth in 3 steps:

Today, we discuss in detail how to get your MVP right. Since the competition is harsh, you have to get the right product fit for your market. There are numerous apps similar to Tripadvisor or Uber. So, what is it that distinguishes one company from another? It’s their product. It’s the eagerness of customers to use a product and their feeling that it’s exactly what they need. How do…

Building your website’s infrastructure to handle maximum growth is a 3-step process that we are going to walk you through.

1. Get your product right.

Make your minimum viable product speak right to your audience. As an entrepreneur, you already know who your audience is and what their needs are, but you don’t want to stop there. You want to build a software that initiates an enthusiastic response from them. To do that, follow these steps:

Hiring a Development Team vs. Freelancers

Having a Hard Time Choosing in Between?

We stumbled across a very interesting question asked on and thought it was a very important topic to address. The user was wondering whether they should hire a development team or freelancers to build their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Let’s explain the difference and make the choice easier for you.

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